Travel Checklist

Have you packed the correct gear?

Whether the trip is for that sportive you have trained all year for or for thrashing some mountain trails.

There is nothing worse than being caught out by the weather or forgetting a vital piece of kit on your own doorstep, yet alone 100’s of miles away with no easy way home. We would always recommend packing for the worst case scenario.

Our suggested list:

  • Bike;
  • Pedals;
  • Helmet;
  • Shoes;
  • Ideal ride clothing;
  • Worst case weather clothing;
  • 4 x Inner tubes;
  • Tube patches (We prefer Park Tool’s);
  • Tyre levers;
  • Quick/power/speed link x 2;
  • Spare piece of chain;
  • Allen keys;
  • 2 x Cleat bolts & washers;
  • Hand pump;
  • Bike computer;
  • Energy & recovery products;
  • 3 x Water bottles. One for the car journey to the start line
  • Camelbak;
  • Dry/Wet chain lube;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Electrical tape;
  • Cable ties;
  • Rear mech hanger;
  • Space disc pads and pin (disc bike only);
  • Spare folding tyre;
  • Bin bags – For wet bike clothing and shoes;
  • Small dry bag;
  • Sun protection;
  • Old TShirt/Rag for wiping bike down;
  • Insurance;
  • Money

Customer Feedback

What a great service, from my initial enquiry email through to payment, collection and return. My flight time was changed and it was no problem re-arranging the end date. The box was like new and came with plenty of padding and bubble wrap to pack everything. the bike made the...