How to pack your bike

Bike Box Alan assembly:

Step 1:

Open the external catches.

Step 2:

Remove the floating foam padding.

Step 3:

Remove the support strut/pole from the middle of the bike box.

Bike preperation:

Step 1:

Shift rear cassette into the smallest cog and shift the front cog onto the largest cog. Cable tie the chain to the front cog and to the rear stay, this will prevent it from becoming tangled. Some people also remove the rear mech and fix/place inside the rear stays. Wrap an old rag or bubble around the groupset and rear mech to help protect during transit.

Step 2:

Remove your pedals, and place these in to one side. Remember pedals have a reverse thread.

Step 3:

Measure or mark the height of your seat post. This will help you set the bike up correctly when you arrive at the destination. Now either remove the seat and seatpost as one unit, or slide this into the frame and retighten the seat clamp. If you have a dropper post compress this all the way into the bike and turn the handlebar activation lever inwards to prevent this been engaged. Once the bike is secured, extend the dropper if needed.

Step 4:

Remove the preload from the headset and untighten the headset bolts, pull the stem and handlebars off as one unit. Remember to tighten any bolts back to prevent these been lost. Use the included frame pad to secure the handlebars to the frame. TT bars will need to be removed, and secured inside the bag.

Step 5:

Remove both wheels, let the air out (Airlines are strict on this policy so please make sure you do this), then remove both wheel skewers. Slot wheels into the designated wheel panels on the front of the case and secure in place with the wheel skewers. The Quick Release (QR) lever should be inside the case. If you have 15mm or 20mm threw axles, screw these back into the frame & forks. Secure wheels to the case with standard QRs and washers.

Step 6:

Place the bike into the Bike Box, chainring side down.

Step 7:

Use all available straps to secure the bike into position.

Step 8:

Wrap exposed areas in bubble wrap or frame lagging to add extra protection to the frame.

Step 9:

Place any tools, clothing, equipment into the sealable bags to keep your clothing clean and secure using spare straps or cables ties. Keeping all the weight to the base of the bag will increase bag stability whilst manoeuvring.

Step 10:

And not forgetting the pedals, secure these to any remaining straps unused, or tie to the frame.

Step 11:

Once you are happy with your packing skills its time to close the Bike Bike Alan. Place the centre support pole into the base mount, then place the layer of foam over this. When closing the lid make sure that your bike spokes are not blocking the support poles path as this may damage the spoke. If they are in direct line of the pole, simply rotate the wheel whilst in situ.

Step 12:

Secure the latches with cable ties, or a TSA approved lock. Do not use a padlock to secure the box as customs may require the box opening and cut this off.


Need help with packing?

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